The lead exterior designer for the new BMW Z4 has revealed that the fresh-faced roadster’s mesh kidney grille will roll out to other models in the Munich-based automaker’s range.

Speaking to Autocar, Calvin Luk said that the new Z4 and the recently revealed 8 Series coupé were the first models created under BMW’s latest design language.

“The new design language on this and the 8 Series is about minimising line work. The philosophy is a couple of major lines coupled with softer lines,” Luk said.

The reinterpreted kidney grille features a mesh design on the Z4, something that Luk said would make its way onto other future BMW models.

“It has the vertical bars of the BMW motif, but in a mesh form of mini aeroplanes. It’s reminiscent of the 328 Mille Miglia race car,” Luk told the British publication.

Luk furthermore pointed out that both the wheelbase and the bonnet of the new model were shorter than those of its predecessor.

“The wheelbase is slightly shorter, but we’ve brought the driver forward a little to bring the focus back to him/her. Before, the hood was a bit too long. It’s still a long bonnet, which identifies it as a BMW roadster, but it’s a little shorter than before.”

Original article from Car