Aston Martin’s relationship with boutique designer, Zagato, has always been a dedicated one. To celebrate its 100th birthday, Zagato has once again teamed up with the Gaydon luxury carmaker to release a selection of special editions under the DBZ Centenary Collection banner. Kicking this series off will be this; the DBS GT Zagato.

Based on the DBS Superleggera, the DBS GT Zagato adopts a new evolution of the pair’s design language, which is in turn inspired by lines used on the original DB4 GT Zagato. Among the highlights are cues such as the double-bubble roof, which stretches over from the top of the windscreen to the car’s rearmost tip. Elements of this can also be seen on the bonnet.

The DBS GT Zagato's profile shows off a unique wheel design and muscular rear haunches. From the front, definitive headlamps and a striking front grille act as the main attractions.

As a twist of events, the only way to get your hands on one of the 19 DBS GT Zagatos is to purchase the €6 million excluding taxes (R98 million) DBZ Centenary Collection. However, the two brands will also be putting together some DB4 GT Zagato Continuation models, which be paired with the DBS.

The DB4 will be delivered to customers in Q4 of this year while the DBS will be sent roughly one year after.

Original article from Car