If you feel the Ferrari 812 Superfast just isn't dramatic enough in standard guise, you may appreciate the work Novitec has done on the Italian brand’s high-powered GT. Handed Novitec’s flagship N-Largo moniker, the tuner Ferrari features a few new panels and a slight power increase.

Thanks to this carbon body kit, the 812 Superfast stands 140 mm wider than before, with the tuner also claiming an improvement in the car’s aerodynamic efficiency. With larger fender flares fitted there's space for a set of 21- front and 22-inch rear Novitec NF 10 NL hi-tech forged alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tyres.

Lowering the overall ride height by 35 mm is a set of sport springs. An optional front lift system can also be attached to the front axle to raise the car by 40 mm at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

To go with this dramatic redesign is a slight hike in peak outputs,  from the stock 588 kW and 718 N.m of torque to 618 kW and 751 N.m. This gives the tuned 812 Superfast a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 2,8 seconds (down one-tenth on the standard model's claimed time) and a top speed of 345 km/h. This power is achieved by remapping the naturally aspirated 6,5-litre V12’s ECU.

Accompanying this is a Novitec high-performance quad-exit exhaust system with an optional actively controlled exhaust flap. The system is cast from stainless steel but it is also available in Inconel, a nickel alloy used on Formula One cars. This material saves some 11 kg.

If you want to get an idea of what this sounds like, take a look at this video...

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