Once again, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has gone under the knife. This time German firm Delta4x4 (remember that beefed-up Volkswagen Amarok?) has revealed its latest upgrades specifically designed to further enhance the G’s off-road prowess.

The G-Class (seen here donning a bright yellow hue) have been equipped with a myriad of mechanical modifications to aid Stuttgart’s most iconic SUV when going off the beaten track (not that it needed any help in the first place, though).

The bespoke kit includes Eibach springs, which allows the G’s chassis to be raised by 30 or 50 mm, of which customers have a choice between the ride heights. Sited at the corners are the revised wheel arches, which have been extended by an additional 80 mm to accommodate the 23-inch alloys, which are wrapped in 305/40 size rubber all-round.

Other cosmetic updates are minor. Delta4x4 has finished the front grille in a black hue and fitted the tuned Geländenwagen with a unique in-house-developed bull-bar at the front.

Original article from Car