As you no doubt already know, the latest Ford Fiesta ST is not destined for South Africa. And now, as if to rub yet more salt into the wound, the British folks over at Mountune have released their take on the little hot hatch.

Dubbed the “m225 package”, the upgrade has been launched alongside the mTune Smartflash app, which allows users (via a supplied Bluetooth OBD interface) to install and update vehicle calibrations from their smartphone.

In standard form, the turbocharged 1,5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine in the Fiesta ST makes 147 kW and 290 N.m. But with Mountune’s kit, those figures rise to 165 kW and 340 N.m, the latter delivered earlier and across a wider rev-range. The package cuts the hatchback’s claimed zero to 100 km/h from 6,5 seconds to “below the six-second mark”, according to the tuner.

In addition to the ECU upgrade, the package includes a high-flow induction kit as well as subtle Mountune exterior badging. Three distinct calibrations are offered with the m225 upgrade: a performance mode (delivering the previously mentioned power and torque increases alongside a more aggressive launch control strategy and enhanced exhaust output), a stock mode and an anti-theft mode (the latter “fully immobilising” the vehicle).

“Smartflash makes it incredibly easy for our customers to switch between vehicle calibrations in as little as two minutes, just using their phone,” said David Moore, director of Mountune Performance.

“It adds a new level of convenience and functionality to our packages and embodies our forward-thinking approach to vehicle performance upgrades. The new Fiesta ST is the perfect platform to launch this DIY-friendly, pioneering technology. No laptop, no wires, no handsets? No problem.”

Original article from Car