ABT Sportsline has become a leading tuner of Volkswagen Group vehicles, with a special focus on the VW and Audi brands. Now, however, the German tuner has got its hands on a product from the Lamborghini subsidiary, launching a new tuning package for the Urus.

The tuner has fitted its engine control unit to the SUV’s twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8, pushing its peak outputs from the stock 475 kW and 850 N.m of torque to an even healthier 522 kW and 910 N.m. This gives the heavyweight a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 3,4 seconds, some two-tenths quicker than the Italian firm's claim.

Interestingly, ABT has not made an major modifications to the appearance of the Urus, instead spending its time tinkering under the bonnet. Perhaps a more extreme body kit is planned for a later stage?

Of course, this isn't the first tuned Urus we've seen. In fact, Manhart Performance showed off its version back in February 2019, handing the super-SUV a whopping 597 kW, while TopCar Design went all out with its body kit. Whether Lamborghini will end up creating its own Urus Performante, though, remains to be seen...

Original article from Car