We've already seen official images of the new Suzuki Swift Sport, but now the Japanese automaker has revealed more details about the latest version of the little warm hatch, including the fact that it is powered by a 1,4-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

Unveiled in Frankfurt, the new Swift Sport features a lower, wider stance, along with a torque-to-weight ratio that Suzuki says propels it “into genuine hot hatch territory”.

Compared to the outgoing model (which uses a naturally aspirated 1,6-litre unit), kerb weight falls 80 kg to 970 kg, while maximum torque is up 70 N.m to 230 N.m (available from 2 500 r/min to 3 500 r/min). Peak power from the four-cylinder Boosterjet engine, meanwhile, comes in at 103 kW.

As with the outgoing model, a six-speed manual transmission comes standard, although Suzuki says it has made plenty of “enhancements” to this unit before installing it in the new model. The new Swift Sport furthermore uses Monroe shock absorbers, while the thickness of the stabiliser joint bars up front have been increased, with a Teflon seat added to the stabiliser mount.

Interestingly, the wheel hub and wheel bearings have been made into a single unit, and the width between the bearings has been expanded. Suzuki says these changes provide an added degree of stiffness “without excessively increasing the spring rate of the springs or the front stabiliser”. At the rear, Suzuki says it developed the suspension’s trailing arm exclusively for the new Swift Sport to minimise deformation during cornering.

Inside, you’ll find red accents and a driver-oriented instrument panel, complete with new boost and oil temperature gauges. The hatchback also boasts what Suzuki describes as “semi-bucket shape front seats” and a D-shaped steering wheel with dimpled leather.

Will it come to South Africa? Well, Suzuki Auto SA earlier told us that while the standard Swift was scheduled to launch on local shores in the second quarter of 2018, there was “no guarantee that the Sport will arrive at the same time”. Still, with bated breath we wait...

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