Nissan has released a statement confirming that its board of directors had “voted unanimously” to discharge Carlos Ghosn as chairman and representative director.

The board furthermore announced the firing of Greg Kelly as representative director.

The news comes after an internal investigation revealed the 64-year-old had been involved in “misconduct” over “many years”. The probe also implicated Kelly, with both men having been arrested in Japan.

“At the beginning of the session, the board acknowledged the significance of the matter and confirmed that the long-standing Alliance partnership with Renault remains unchanged and that the mission is to minimise the potential impact and confusion on the day-to-day co-operation among the Alliance partners,” the Nissan statement said.

The Japanese automaker also vowed to “study the creation of a special committee to appropriately take advice from an independent third party regarding the governance management system and better governance of director compensation”.

“Further to the mandate, the three independent directors – Masakazu Toyoda, Keiko Ihara and Jean-Baptiste Duzan – will lead this matter,” the statement added.

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