The head of BMW’s M division says although he is not working on a supercar “right now”, he is “constantly reviewing” the idea of developing a standalone supercar.

Speaking to the United Kingdom’s CAR magazine, BMW M CEO Markus Flasch said while nothing official was in the pipeline, he "wouldn't rule it out".

“There are no supercars that we’re working on right now. But the idea of a supercar is something of course that sticks in the mind of any BMW engineer, especially M engineers,” the told the publication.

“We are constantly reviewing it – not working on such a project, but reviewing. I wouldn’t rule it out,” Flasch said.

Back in June 2019, Flasch told the firm was investigating the feasibility of standalone M-badged models, explaining these could “potentially” be developed from the ground up, rather than being based on existing mainstream variants.

“And we are not copying; we are doing it our own way,” he said at the time, likely in reference to Mercedes-AMG’s standalone GT range.

Original article from Car