A senior Jeep executive has confirmed the Hellcat V8 “fits like a glove” in the new Gladiator bakkie, but suggests a production model won’t see the light of day.

Speaking to motoring.com.au, Tim Kuniskis, who heads up Jeep North America, said the supercharged 6,2-litre V8 did indeed fit in the Wrangler-based bakkie.

“It fits. You guys all know it fits. It fits like a glove. The problem is: it fits like a glove,” he told the Australian publication.

“The reason that’s a problem is you now have no air space around the engine – and the whole external structure of the vehicle – so you have no crush space. So, you have nothing that can be used to absorb energy in a crash,” Kuniskis explained.

“It’s not a problem to put it in, other than emissions and fuel economy and things like that. It’s not a problem to put it in there, except it would never pass any crash test,” he added.

Kuniskis furthermore suggested the firm would likely not offer a single-cab version of its Gladiator, despite revealing the two-door Jeep J6 concept (one of six show cars) ahead of the annual Easter Jeep Safari.

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