A high-ranking Volkswagen executive has confirmed the firm will soon launch a high-performance Touareg R, complete with plug-in hybrid technology.

Speaking to Autocar at the reveal of the Golf 8, Jürgen Stackmann, sales and marketing chief, confirmed the Touareg would be “the first R model to go plug-in hybrid”.

“We start with that journey, and the task is out there for [Volkswagen R division boss] Joss Capito and his team to deliver us an electric future for R.

“Then that’s the journey for R. For the next five years, as we are launching some Rs next year, we will couple these cars with a very strong message for low emissions,” Stackmann added.

The Touareg R is expected to hit the market in 2021, slotting in above the as-yet-unrevealed new Golf R and the T-Roc R in VW’s all-wheel-drive performance line-up.

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