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Second hand cars for sale Welcome to Auto Dealer where you can search cars of all types. Finding a second hand car on Auto Dealer is quick and easy due to our dynamic homepage search engine and filters that you will find down the left hand side of every search results page.

When looking for a second hand car in South Africa there are a vast amount of choices. Whether you are looking to buy a second hand sedan, hatchback, bakkie, SUV or any other body type, fuel or transmission type, car models and car prices can vary according to mileage, age and general condition. Finding the right car for your needs is the most important thing to focus on.

Although buying a second hand car can be daunting, it needn’t be, as there are more tools and legal protections available now days than ever before.

Here are 5 top tips from Auto Dealer:

  1. Consider purchasing your used car through a legitimate bank registered car dealership as this will help in securing your purchase and should come with a standard dealer warranty.
  2. Do as much research about the category of vehicle you need for your required purposes.
  3. Consider the diesel vs petrol debate and see how this will affect the way in which you would use your automobile.
  4. Choosing the correct car manufacturer seems to be increasingly more important these days as maintenance and repair costs play a huge part in the resale value of your car.
  5. Service history must be sound and any accident damage must be declared and explained.

Now take some time to look through our car listing website which has thousands of used cars for sale in South Africa for you to choose from. Once you find a suitable option, simply fill in the enquiry form, request a "Call-Me-Back" or phone the dealer directly to arrange a viewing and a test drive of the vehicle.

Happy pre owned car hunting!