Historically, the Supra nameplate has a strong reputation for the track work, notably with the A80 securing trophies in the Japanese Grand Touring Championship. Toyota seems keen on rekindling this success with its new Supra-based racer, the GT4-spec concept.

Not quite as ambitious as the racing concept revealed almost a year ago, the GT4 Concept nevertheless  gains a suitably large wing and bespoke front splitter.

Aimed at customer racers competing in the popular GT4 racing series, the new Supra already has the makings of a promising racer given its lightweight body, low centre of gravity and impressively rigid body. This concept takes things further by adding race specific parts such as a roll-cage, refined suspension and brakes, as well as additional downforce. Updates to the B58 twin-scroll turbocharged 3,0-litre straight-six have yet to be mentioned.

Toyota recently also announced its intention to further expanding its racing portfolio with plans to enter Supra into the likes of the NASCAR series (in form only), the Nurburgring 24 endurance race and the 2020 Super GT challenge.

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