Yes, another drag race from the folks over at CarWow in the United Kingdom. This time, it’s a family affair, with the Volkswagen Up GTI taking on the Golf GTI Mk2.

The Up GTI, of course, is not offered in South Africa (and here's why). It employs a 1,0-litre three-cylinder TSI engine with a peak power output of 85 kW and maximum torque of 200 N.m (as opposed to the naturally aspirated 1,8-litre four-cylinder used in the eight-valve Golf GTI Mk2).

With a kerb weight of just 997 kg and a suspension drop of 15 mm, VW says the Up GTI tops out at 197 km/h, with the claimed zero to 100 km/h time coming in at 8,8 seconds.

Watch the video above to see the two models compete first in a drag battle and then a race from a rolling start…

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