This dashcam footage from Australia shows a Volkswagen Amarok hit an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA after the latter’s driver refused to give way.

The clip shows the Amarok and camera-equipped Alfa heading through a double-lane circle.

With the left lane merging after the exit, the bakkie driver indicates her intention to move over to the right, planning to slot in ahead of the Alfa and behind a Subaru. The 147 GTA driver, however, refuses to let her in. She attempts to squeeze in anyway and the two vehicles make contact.

In comments accompanying the video, the Alfa driver said “the woman beside me wanted to get in front of me despite there being no one behind me and it being her responsibility to yield”.

And the VW driver’s reaction? Well, she provided comment as well: “I totally own I should have given way but I was on the roundabout first and didn’t even know he was there until I went to merge. He had sped onto the roundabout to clearly prove what a great guy he was”.

Watch the video above and decide for yourself who’s to blame...

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